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Fast Automated Spot Spraying

Weed detection and identification.

2-3mm Resolution Whole Field Imaging

100 Acres / Hour Full Resolution Field Scans

Real Time Data Analysis*

Spot Spraying Route Planning for DJI Agras Drones


What We Do

Detect weeds with computer vision.

Generate routes for spray drones.

Our Advantage

Spray Drones Can Be Per Acre Cost Competitive With Ground Application

Using computer vision based spot spraying, spray drones can be cost competitive with ground application for post-emerge herbicide.

Spot spraying can reduce herbicide use by 50-75% depending on weed population and clustering

Spray drones prevent crop loss from driving over crops. Crush from driving in fields can significantly reduce yields for farmers.

Manual spot spraying requires trade off between efficiency and coverage. Automatic route generation allows efficiency and coverage


Lush AI's Technology

Fast High Resolution

Ultra fast high resolution scouting flights. Scan up to 100 acres / hour at 2 - 3mm per pixel resolution.

Local Processing

No uploading to cloud services required. High resolution scanning generates huge data sets, and fields often lack good internet service.

Detection and image stitching is done on your own PC.

Automatic Detection

Using imagery form a high resolution scouting flight, our software detects weeds using computer vision technology

In Flight Detection*

Coming Soon:

No on the ground processing required, draw boundaries and start spraying as soon as the scouting drone lands.

*Requires specialized drone with onboard AI processor


Joe Bender, founder

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